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    Volunteer Training Schedule

    Thank you for your interest in Volunteering for QFest!

    If you are planning to attend one of our trainings, please contact Claire Kohler at 215-733-0608x214 or email to let us know you’ll be joining us.

    Tuesday Evening, July 9th – General Session
    Ushers, Greeters, Special Events and Distribution
    6:30pm – 7:30pm
    234 Market Street, 5th Floor

    Volunteer Positions

    At Venues

    The Usher takes tickets, hands out/collects ballots before and after films. During films, duties also include counting ballots for audience awards & ticket stubs to note film attendance. While it is possible that ushers may see part of the film during their shift, they will spend the beginning and end of each screening in the lobby, greeting Festival patrons. No Usher may leave their post without permission from the manager.
    1 film voucher per 5+ hour shift

    Similar to an Usher, the Greeter is a position that serves as the "face of the festival." The role of the Greeter is to provide an upbeat, energetic vibe as patrons enter the theatre lobby, while controlling the traffic flow and crowd direction, before and after a film. The Greeter must be personable, energetic, and constantly smiling! Duties also may include assisting festival patrons and taking on ushering tasks when necessary.
    1 film voucher per 5+ hour shift

    Box Office:
    The Box Office Volunteer sells day-of-show tickets at the venues. Duties include filling out all the Box Office paperwork, keeping track of tickets sold for each show and the day's cash sales. Box office volunteers NEVER see the films on their shifts.
    2 film vouchers per 5+ hour shift

    Advanced Ticket Sales:
    These shifts are either at the Festival Ticketing Office or The William Way Community Center. Duties include selling tickets and taking cash, check or credit card payments, either in person or over the phone. Computer and customer service skills are required. We reserve the right to screen volunteers for this position.
    1 film voucher per 3+ hour shift

    The Manager is the primary position at the venue. Duties include overseeing the volunteer staff and ensuring a smooth run of the theatre venue. Distinctly, the Manager is in charge of traffic flow: managing the lines, determining when the audience can enter a theatre, maintaining crowd control and handling issues and complaints. The Manager NEVER sees the films on their shifts. Managers must have some sort of previous management experience, receive clearance by the Operations Staff before signing up and must attend a Manager/Box Office training session.
    2 film vouchers per 5+ hour shift

    Special Events:
    This position involves various Festival parties and events; selling or taking tickets at the door, monitoring attendance, greeting people, directing traffic flow, etc. There will be alcohol served at festival events. Volunteers are forbidden to drink while on duty.
    1 film voucher per 5+ hour shift

    This job entails delivering program guides and festival literature around your area, replenishing once supplies run out. A car and extra help may be required, based on distribution locations. Required is a list of drop off locations and amounts before vouchers are given.
    1 film voucher per 4 boxes distributed