Wild About Harry
USA  2009, 95 min

A stylishly executed, ‘70s-based period piece, Wild About Harry follows two teenaged sisters as they attempt to come to terms with their semi-closeted father’s homosexuality and their community’s disapproval.

Coping with their mother’s death, straight-laced Madeline, her jovial sister Daisy and their devoted father Harry move to a gorgeous seaside home in Cape Cod during the autumn of 1973. Harry plans to sell American primitive furniture while the girls acclimate themselves to their new school. Things are complicated with the arrival of Harry's attractive new "business" partner Mr. Gibbs. During a night out, the girls visit the Atlantic House, Provincetown's historic gay bar. There, Madeline spots her father dancing with Gibbs. Confused and resentful, Maddie seeks comfort in a popular boy who isn't adept at keeping secrets. As their seemingly friendly community becomes a town without pity, Harry and Gibbs, previously Cape Cod's most eligible new bachelors, are transformed into social pariahs. Making her feature debut, theater director Gwen Wynne fills the film with colorful costumes, a rockin' '70s soundtrack, and a varied ensemble of performers. Examining hardships faced by gay parents, even shortly after the progressive movements of the 1960s, this is a touching drama that celebrates the importance of accepting family members exactly as they are. -- Robert O'Neill

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Philadelphia Premiere
Director: Gwen Wynne
Cast: Tate Donovan, Adam Pascal, Danielle Savre, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Josh Peck, Corey Sevier, Susan Anspach
Screenwriter(s): Mary Beth Fielder, Gwen Wynne
Producer(s): Suzan Crowley, James Egan, Mary Beth Fielder, Adam Rosen, Gwen Wynne
Cinematographer: Chris Chomyn
Editor(s): Joanne D'Antonio
Print Source:
Cape Cod Films
Contact: Frances Chang
Email: fchang@capecodfilms.com