Before You Know It
USA  2013, 110 min

A powerful observational documentary that looks at a neglected segment of the LGBT community: its senior population. This film looks at three men in particular as they navigate the challenge of getting old in a youth culture.

1970s Philadelphia: if you were young and gay, most likely you hit the Spruce Street-area bars and discos, cruised the merry-go-round or ended up in Gay Acres for a friendly quickie. Sex was plentiful for those who sought it. But what has happened to all those devil-may-care revelers today? They have gotten old! And with aging, comes major changes to one’s world in this youth-obsessed queer culture. This is where director PJ Raval’s powerful and thoughtful documentary takes aim: at older gay men and how they handle the challenge of aging. He focuses on three men in particular: there is Ty, a sixty-something African-American who works in a Harlem gay men’s health clinic, is an advocate for marriage equality, and is in a long-term relationship; there is Robert, a 73-year-old self-acknowledged loudmouth and Galveston Texas gay bar owner who, with family ties strained, creates his own; and 76-year-old Dennis, who, married to a woman for decades, did not come out until recently and even then remains closeted to his family and hides his love of cross-dressing secret. Just three individuals in a sea of LGBT seniors but all sharing the desire to find their own happiness in a not always embracing world. -- Tyler Pirner

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Philadelphia Premiere
Director: PJ Raval
Screenwriter(s): PJ Raval
Producer(s): Sara Giustini,
Cinematographer: Mike Simpson
Editor(s): Kyle Henry
Print Source:
Untitled Films
Contact: PJ Raval