USA  2012, 92 min

In TRANS, a moving and exceptionally well-researched documentary, we meet a remarkable cast of characters from all walks of life who are wiling to tell their stories in the hope that they might one day be able to live ordinary lives.

Seven-year-old Danann Tyler decided at the age of two that she was really a girl in a boy’s body. Lt. Commander Christopher McGinn, a Navy flight surgeon selected by NASA to serve on two space missions, embarked on a personal mission of no return. Now with her own practice in New Hope, New Jersey, Dr. Christine McGinn, a renowned transgender surgeon is about to create a medical first. Cris has had a revelation and is about to break the news to his lesbian girlfriend. With her support Cris journeys to the annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference for a life-changing experience. Chloe left her small town with her best friend to live in a place where she could start life anew. For Pam and Erica, their dreams could only come true after 50 years of hiding the truth about themselves from those around them. Timely, urgent and deserving of wide-audience appeal, director Chris Arnold’s sensitively constructed TRANS is required viewing for anybody who has ever looked in a mirror and wondered who they are. -- Carol Coombes

This Program includes the short(s):
Spiral Transition
( USA, 2010, 6 min , Ewan Duarte )
Rachael has been an integrated part of Ewan for 26-years. Now with the 100% blessing of his mother, Ewan finally transitions from daughter to son.

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Producer Mark Schoen, and subjects Terry Cummings Esq, Dr. Christine McGinn and Dr. Maureen Osborne will be in attendance to discuss the film with the audience.
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Philadelphia Premiere
Director: Chris Arnold
Producer(s): Mark Schoen
Cinematographer: Bruce Dorfman, Jon Dunham, Jerry Feldman, Jack Foley, Ed Stevens
Editor(s): Chris Arnold
Print Source:
The Film Collaborative
Contact: Jeffrey Winter