A Perfect Ending
USA  2012, 114 min

It’s hard to imagine that in 1992, when veteran director Nicole Conn’s Claire of the Moon was released, there was not a significant market for lesbian films. Conn (whose film Elena Undone was QFest’s 2010 Opening Night selections) is back again with her new sexy romance.

In this bold story about the struggles for truth, love and happiness, we are introduced to Rebecca (Barbara Niven), an elegant, prim and punctilious mother to three grown children and wife of a wealthy husband she no longer shares a bed with. Rebecca has an unusual secret, which she’s about to reveal to her lesbian best friends—she’s never had an orgasm! Deciding that she needs a hand locating her G-Spot, her friends hook Rebecca up with Valentina (the iconic Morgan Fairchild) who manages a successful service business, catering to the sexual needs of its clients. While money can’t buy her love, it can buy time. Her needs are attended to by a high-priced bisexual escort. Paris is a stunning sultry, tall brunette with come-to-bed brown eyes, played by out lesbian model and actress Jessica Clark. Initially wary of their age-differences, Rebecca discovers in Paris a passionate, lustful, intoxicating soul mate who offers respite from her home life. Neither of them could have predicted what develops. What starts as a cash transaction between two strangers ends up uniting two souls. Each needs to learn to love themself (and each other) in order to own her past and journey on. A strong supporting cast and astonishing performances by the films central leads will enthrall audiences. If ever there were a shrine to be built to honor the goddesses of lesbian cinema, it would surely include Nicole Conn who has dedicated her life to our stories and is already working on the script for her next production. -- Carol Coombes

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Guests and Events
Director Nicole Conn, Executive Producer Marina Rice Bader, Lead Actress/Producer Barbara Niven and Producer Melanie Rice will be in attendance to discuss the film with the audience and answer questions. Join the filmmakers at the after-party at Sisters!
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Philadelphia Premiere
Director: Nicole Conn
Cast: Barbara Niven, Jessica Clark, John Heard, Morgan Fairchild, Kerry Knuppe, Imelda Corcoran, Mary Jane Wells, Rebecca Staab
Screenwriter(s): Nicole Conn
Producer(s): Janelle K. Eagle, Topher Miller, Barbara Niven
Cinematographer: Tal Lazar
Editor(s): Nicole Conn
Print Source:
Wolfe Releasing
Contact: Linda Voutour
Email: linda@wolfevideo.com