naked as we came
USA  2011, 84 min

A family drama Tennessee Williams would certainly enjoy in which repressed anger and sexual tensions explode when a gay brother and sister visit their terminally ill mother and her young house guest.

Writer/director Richard LeMay's third film is a entertaining and powerful family drama centering on two siblings, Elliot (Ryan Vigilant, "Gossip Girl") and Laura (Karmine Alers, Rent), who travel upstate from NYC to visit their dying mother. Their initial plan, to bring their mother back with them, becomes a lot more complicated when they discover she is sharing her home with Ted, a mysterious but handsome young gay man. In this awkward environment, amidst the lush gardens and tranquil fields, new alliances are soon made, secrets are betrayed and love (or lust) is exposed. S. Lue McWilliams is scene-stealing as the mother, a pot-smoking, droll, advice-giving force. Nearing the end, she must accept her notable child-raising faults, a situation that has left her children bitter and resentful. They all are struggling to examine their own hopes and dreams under Lilly’s directive, "We all leave the same way we came in—naked and alone." -- Dudley Best

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Director Richard LeMay will be in attendance to discuss the film with the audience and take questions.
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Philadelphia Premiere
Director: Richard LeMay
Cast: Ryan Vigilant, Benjamin Weaver, S. Lue McWilliams, Karmine Alers, Sturgis Adams, Ben Weaver
Screenwriter(s): Richard LeMay
Cinematographer: Vitaly Bokser
Editor(s): Alexander Hammer
Print Source:
Third Day Productions
Contact: Richard LeMay