Love Free or Die
USA  2011, 88 min

When Gene Robinson was elected to be a bishop in the Episcopal Church in 2003, he became a leading figure in the contentious battle for equal rights for LGBT Christians. Award-winning filmmaker Macky Alston's portrait of the man makes for an inspiring film experience.

In June 2003, with the election of Gene Robinson, the Episcopal Church came under fire when it became the first Christian church to elect an openly gay partnered person as a bishop. Since that flash point, Robinson has been at the center of the contentious battle for LGBT people to receive full acceptance in the faith. Robinson’s historic elevation has since caused continued controversy within the worldwide Anglican community and has received a constant stream of death threats. Alston traveled with the bishop and follows him from his 2008 civil union, to the Lambeth Conference that same year, to Barack Obama's inauguration, to the fight for gay marriage in New Hampshire to the 2009 Episcopal General Convention, to the upcoming consecration of the second openly gay Episcopal Bishop, Mary Glasspool. While Robinson never intended to be the poster boy for gay bishops, he has become, through his refusal to be weighed down by the hatred and fear of others, a beacon of hope for Christians who believe that their faith should treat all people with dignity and respect, regardless of their sexuality. -- Noelle Reilly

This Shorts Program Features:
The Confessions of Father John Thomas
( Australia, 2011, 5 min , Elka Kerkhofs )
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Philadelphia Premiere
Director: Macky Alston
Producer(s): Sandy Itkoff
Cinematographer: Tom Hurwitz
Editor(s): Christopher White