Loose Cannons
AKA: Mine Vaganti
Italy  2010, 110 min

A young man's attempt to come out to his wealthy Italian family becomes upended when his brother beats him to the punch in this very funny comedy.

This year we jumped at the chance, after it was unavailable last year, to program this witty and stylish comedy by Ferzan Özpetek (A Perfect Day, Steam: The Turkish Bath). Set in a southern Italy, this comedy centers around the Cantone family whose pasta-producing business has made them quite wealthy. The family’s youngest son Tommaso (Riccardo Scamarcio) has returned for a visit; he has been studying in Rome and secretly living with his boyfriend. He is determined to announce to the entire family that he is gay. And just when he is about to pop the news, his macho older brother, who has been the heir apparent, steps in and announces to everyone that he is gay, a proclamation that promptly gives their bombastically homophobic father a heart attack. Ever the dutiful (and supposedly heterosexual) son, Tommaso reluctantly agrees to run the family business. But when his boyfriend and a group of his ever so campy friends descend for a weekend visit, he must decide to either stay in the closet or be true to himself. Filled with delightfully oddball characters, hilarious homophobic paranoia, some very attractive eye candy and a sharply written script, Loose Cannons is pure entertainment. (Italian with English subtitles) -- Raymond Murray

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Philadelphia Premiere
Director: Ferzan Özpetek
Cast: Riccardo Scamarcio, Alessandro Preziosi, Nicole Grimaudo, Lunetta Savino, Ennio Fantastichini
Screenwriter(s): Ferzan Ozpetek, Ivan Cotroneo
Producer(s): Domenico Procacci
Cinematographer: Maurizio Calvesi
Editor(s): Patrizio Marone
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Contact: Sarah Nuttal
Email: sarah@fandangoportobello.com