BearCity 2: The Proposal
USA  2012, 110 min

BearCity 2: The Proposal, the sequel to the award-winning breakout hit BearCity (2010) is a romp full of fur, fun and family as the bears realize that marriage is much more than just the freedom to say "I do." Kathy Najimy plays den mother to the returning cast of bears, boys and cubs, for a Bear Week bachelor party in Provincetown!

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The bears (and their bear-loving cubs) of the hit BearCity are back in Philly with this raucous, bitingly funny and romantic sequel! Top bear Roger (Gerald McCullouch) pops the big question to his twink bf Tyler (Joe Conti) and they decide to have the marriage in Provincetown during Bear Week. And with their wild, hard-partying den of NYC friends in tow, they head up to P-Town and to Rose’s (Kathy Nijimy). And there, midst the sea of horny men, clothes are shed, dramas unfold, feelings are hurt, and sex raises its ugly head. Will all this commotion and eye candy threaten the impending ceremony? It doesn’t help when the engaged couple are jealous of each other; Roger for the "woof woof" attention Ty receives and Ty for the appearance of Roger’s hunky ex. Will things be made right in time for the wedding? And will poor twink-seeking twink Simon find anyone amidst the bevy of fur? A buoyant comedy that features many of the original cast members and several funny cameos (Kevin Smith, Jason Stuart, Varla Jean Merman, Frank DeCaro). A fitting conclusion our 18th year!

-- Raymond Murray

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Guests and Events
Lead Actor Joe Conti (Tyler) and T. Doyle Leverett (Big Dan) will be in attendance to answer your questions. Come and mingle with the Twinks and the Bears at the afterparty at SugarHouse!
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East Coast Premiere
Director: Douglas Langway
Cast: Kevin Smith, Kathy Najimy, Richard Riehle, James Martinez, Stephen Guarino, Gerald McCullouch, Jason Stuart, Mike Ruiz, Joe Conti, Jeffery Roberson (as Varla Jean Merman), Brian Keane, Frank DeCaro, Will Bethencourt, Gregory Gunter, Blake Evan Sherman
Screenwriter(s): Douglas Langway
Producer(s): Jim Lande, Tracy Utley
Cinematographer: Michael Hauer
Editor(s): Douglas Langway
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Contact: Henry White