Elliot Loves
USA  2012, 92 min

From the creative mind of Terracino, comes this wildly entertaining NYC tale of wide-eyed Elliot, a gay young man seen both as an inquisitive 10-year-old boy with an intense releationship with his mother and as an idealitic, 21-year-old searching for love in all the wrong places.

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Writer/director Terracino is back with his first film since the award-winning 1995 short My Polish Waiter. We're happy to say that Elliot Loves was worth the 17-year wait! This adventurous Latino romantic drama-set in the Dominican American area of upper Manhattan, ships back and forth in time while using both live-action and animation. Terracino’s feature debut concerns Elliot—played as an adult by Fabio Costaprado and as a 10-year-old by Quentin Araujo, both talented newcomers. Elliot is handsome and charismatic, but unlucky in love. He can’t seem to hold down a relationship for more than a few weeks. The problem isn’t due to a lack of effort on his part—Elliot falls in love easily and devotes himself entirely to his male companions. Why is it, then, that none of the hunky guys that he attracts seem to desire the same level of commitment? Things look promising with Joe (Monte Bezell), a confident, slightly older stud, until it turns out (very awkwardly for Elliot) that he’s already in a relationship, albeit an open one. Even more promising is Kiko (Jermaine Montell), a stunningly sexy young go-go dancer who gives his attention to Elliot—for a little while, at least. Maybe Elliot’s need for affection has something to do with his childhood. Raised by an emotionally erratic single mother, Elliot was without a positive male role model. His mother's boyfriend was borderline abusive. The film features a smart and subtly heartbreaking scene where Elliot's mother (played by stunningly beautiful "As the World Turns" veteran Elena Goode) pulls him out of school in the middle of the day to share a meal at a diner and talk about all of the lavish prizes she could have won if only she had been a contestant on that day's episode of "The Price is Right." Both Elliot and his mother are dreamers. They idealize the world around them and fantasize about their potential for happiness—often finding themselves disappointed when reality sets in and things don't go the way they had planned. As Elliot's heart is repeatedly broken in the present, the film flashes back to situations in the past that fueled his need for a dependable partner. These may seem like heavy themes, but Elliot Loves examines them with a consistent optimism that stays true to the characters and a refreshingly light-hearted touch that manages not to betray their poignancy. Featuring captivatingly nuanced performances from the primary cast and a bold, frenetic style from a filmmaker that has been absent from the festival scene for far too long, Elliot Loves earns its spot as our Opening Night selection.

-- Robert O'Neill

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Guests and Events
Director Terracino, Actors Elena Goode, Quentin Araujo, Monte Bezell and Erin Fogel will be in attendance to discuss the film and take questions with the audience. Mingle with the filmmakers at our Opening Night Star-studded Party at Table 31 at the Comcast Center.
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Philadelphia Premiere
Director: Terracino
Cast: Quentin Araugo, Fabio Costaprado, Elena Goode, Robin de Jesus, Jermaine Montell, Erin Fogel, Tillman Norsworthy, Elaine del Valle, Guillermo Iván
Screenwriter(s): Terracino
Producer(s): Terracino
Cinematographer: Saro Varjabedian
Editor(s): Lyndon McCray
Print Source:
TLA Releasing
Contact: Lewis Tice
Email: lewistice@gmail.com