Undressing Israel: Gay Men in the Promised Land
Israel, USA  2012, 46 min

The always-controversial Michael Lucas has fashioned an eye-opening and surprisingly entertaining doc on being gay in the Holy Land.

When word got out that Michael Lucas - award-winning pornographer, gay icon, opinionated lightning rod - was planning to release a self-funded documentary on Israel, snickers and groans were heard ‘round the adult industry. The polar-opposite-of-shy Mr. Lucas is well-known for his outspoken support of the Middle Eastern state, and many assumed the doc would merely be an extended commercial for his wildly successful porn Men of Israel. Once again proving his detractors wrong, Lucas has fashioned a surprisingly enlightening video essay on what is (as the film purports to show) one of the most gay-friendly and progressive places on earth - from Tel Aviv’s ever-expanding pulse-pounding nightlife and openly gay servicemen, to same-sex weddings and government support of children. The biggest problem viewers may have with the film is the constant distraction of both the locale itself and the interviewees’ sheer beauty. (English, Hebrew with English subtitles) -- Erik Schut

This Shorts Program Features:
A Matter of Sex
( Israel, 2012, 28 min , Michele Rapoport )
Guy and Lior are about to bring a baby into the world with the help of a female couple who are looking for the same thing. During this process, though, Guy starts going through a sexual identity crisis that could jeopardize the future of his family.
W and Z
( Israel, 2012, 15 min , Ronny Almog & Emil Ray )
This sexy, dialog-driven short from Israeli directors Ronny Almog & Emil Ray takes a journey through flirtation and mind games into a non-gendered world.

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Michael Lucas (Director)
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Philadelphia Premiere
Director: Michael Lucas
Screenwriter(s): Michael Lucas, Yariv Mozer
Producer(s): Michael Lucas
Cinematographer: Ziv Berkovich
Editor(s): Amit Ginton