Out in the Dark
Israel, USA  2012, 96 min

Brimming with intensity and compassion, Out in the Dark follows two men – one Israeli and one Palestinian – who risk everything for love on the West Bank.

Simply brilliant, the debut feature from director Michael Mayer centers on race and sexuality when a young, affluent, and ambitious Palestinian grad student and a Jewish lawyer fall in love. The adorable Nimr (Nicolas Jacob) crosses the boarder to study and occasionally to meet his friends at a gay nightclub in Tel Aviv. One night, he is introduced to the handsome and wealthy Roy (Michael Aloni) and instant attraction. While Tel Aviv is ostensibly more accepting of Palestinians being present, Nimr’s homeland is not. He struggles to keep the peace with his Muslim family especially his brother who is now a member of a radical extremist organization. Despite being surrounded by all of these weighty and sometimes-dangerous obstacles, the budding couple cannot help but fall immensely in love. Everything comes to a gripping head, and Nimr is forced to choose between the life he dreamed or Roy. From the opening scene to the final frame, Out in the Dark is a timely and poignant film that should not be missed! (Hebrew, Arabic with English subtitles) -- Kelly Burkhardt

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Philadelphia Premiere
Director: Michael Mayer
Cast: Nicholas Jacob, Michael Aloni, Jameel Khouri, Alon Pdut
Screenwriter(s): Michael Mayer, Yael Shafrir
Producer(s): Michael Mayer, Lihu Roter
Cinematographer: Ran Aviad
Editor(s): Maria Gonzales
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