The Love Patient
USA  2011, 95 min

A hunky but self-centered ad executive pretends he has life-threatening cancer in order to win back the love of his ex in this wild American indie comedy.

QFest is thrilled to host the world premiere of the often hilarious, raucous tale of what one man would do to gain back his ex. Paul (Benjamin Lutz, Bite Marks) is a cocky, fast-talking, hard-living, self-centered hunk and ad executive who thinks he may have lost a good thing when sensitive hunk Brad (John Werskey, also in Bite Marks) drops him and begins dating another man. Not used to losing and determined to regain his love, Paul, in Lucy-inspired “great idea,” announces to all that he has cancer, a sad situation which is sure to have Brad running back to him. But the plan he concocted spirals out-of-control when Paul’s family spring into action by moving into his apartment and making it a near-hospice. With distraught parents and a skeptical sister hovering around, any chance of reigniting the romance with his ex becomes remote. A plan B is needed! Populated by outrageous characters, this is a fun, entertaining, wacky romantic comedy of what one man would do for love, brought to us by director Michael Simon (Gay Zombie). -- Raymond Murray

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Michael Simon (Director)
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World Premiere
Director: Michael Simon
Cast: Benjamin Lutz, John Werskey, Jackson Palmer, Madison Gray, Laura Ulsh, John Kilpatrick, Mike Pfaff
Screenwriter(s): Michael Simon
Producer(s): Maria Montgomery
Cinematographer: Chris S. Walters
Editor(s): Bob Poirier
Print Source:
Passion Fruit Productions
Contact: Michael Simon