The People I've Slept With
Canada, Hong Kong  2009, 89 min

From gay director Quentin Lee comes this sparkling comedy about a sex-loving woman who finds herself pregnant and wants to find the father—from her backlist of affairs.

From director Quentin Lee (Drift) comes this story of Angela (Karin Anna Cheung), a free-spirited and promiscuous woman who has just become the realization of every single-girl’s biggest nightmare –“Whoops I’m Pregnant!” What’s a girl to do? Lucky for Angela she has her G.B.F. (gay best friend), Gabriel (Wilson Cruz, "My So Called Life"). Lucky for the “little-nut” inside of her and the film’s comedic progression that Angela’s conservative sister Juliet (Lynn Chen) convinces her to keep the baby, marry the daddy, and become a “normal” member of society. This life-changing decision sets our cast of characters on an uproarious ride perusing her collection of baseball cards (Angela photo documents her past lovers to keep track of them), tracking down those who have taken a spin. This is a “whodunit” baby-daddy comedy fit for our times. -- Louis Senofonte

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Philadelphia Premiere
Director: Quentin Lee
Cast: Karin Anna Cheung, Wilson Cruz, Archie Kao, Chris Zylka, James Shigeta, Lynn Chen, Elizabeth Sung, Cathy Shim, Stacie Rippy
Screenwriter(s): Koji Steven Sakai
Producer(s): Quentin Lee, Koji Steven Sakai, Stanley Yung
Cinematographer: Quyen Tran
Editor(s): Aldo Velasco
Print Source:
Margin Films
Contact: Quentin Lee