Festival Basics

Get the most out of your festival experience

The Golden Rule: Many screenings sell out

Especially the Opening, Closing and Centerpiece films - Plan your Festival schedule ahead of time, and buy tickets as early as possible – or better yet, buy a badge. But remember - After show time, no one (including badge-holders) is guaranteed a seat!

Ticket Sales...

Day of show tickets are only available at the venue
If you want to buy a ticket for a same-day movie, go straight to the place where that movie will be shown. The tickets for the entire day go on sale one half-hour before the first show of the day at that venue.

Theater box offices are CASH ONLY

Check your wallet or visit the closest ATM before arriving at the movies – venue ticket sales are cash only.

Advance ticket pickup

If you order your tickets in advance, all of the tickets you purchase will be available for pickup at your first movie's screening venue. If you don't pick them up there, you must call the Festival Box Office to re-route the tickets to your next venue – this will not happen automatically.

Keep on top of breaking Festival News

Sellouts, screening, event and guest updates are posted and announced regularly at:


The site features real-time interactive features such as user reviews and personalized Festival calendar options.

Daily E-Newslines

We send you breaking Festival news and announcements via e-mail every morning before breakfast.

Festival Hotline

24-hour automated information is available at 267-765-9800 x701.

Getting Here...

Arrive at the theater early
To start the film on time, we must seat as many people as possible quickly. Allow plenty of time for your transportation, especially on weekend nights. The Festival Map on the next page shows theaters, party venues, discounted parking and Septa subway stops.

Remember your umbrella

The Festival attracts thousands of people, so don’t be surprised by lines that extend outside - and prepare accordingly.

At the Theater...

Seats cannot be held
You must be present to take a seat. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no "standing room" admission at any Festival film or program.

We do not show any previews

Screenings start within five minutes of the scheduled time - however, the Festival cannot be held accountable for late starts.

We take movies seriously

Please unwrap noisy wrappers, silence your voices and communication devices to ensure a quality audience experience.

The venues are staffed by volunteers...

...who can answer many of your questions and make the festival possible by donating their time. Please be patient, and don't forget to thank them for their efforts.